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Stormwater Reduction Project Possibilities

There are a range of actions residents can voluntarily implement to help improve water quality in Diamond Lake. Our goal in this partnership is for everyone who would like to participate to have the resources and expertise to do something.

Projects can be constructed to support one another. For example, rain barrel overflow could be directed into a beautiful raingarden. Rain from downspouts could be directed to a permeable paver driveway for 100 percent infiltration. A rainwater harvesting system could be installed underneath a permeable paver patio where your friends and family gather.  All of these environmentally beneficial projects can be designed to beautify your property.

You can have a positive effect on water quality with simple, no-cost projects, or by investing in landscape improvements. Here are examples

• Pledge to pick up pet waste, direct lawn clippings onto your lawn (not the street, driveway or sidewalks) and implement other responsible lawn care practices ($0)

• Adopt a storm drain and keep it clear of debris ($0)

• Install rain barrels underneath your downspouts

• Build raingardens on your property

• Plant native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers on your property

• Replace solid surface driveways, walkways, and patios, with permeable pavers

• Install an underground rain water harvesting system

Cost estimates for the landscape projects are available here.

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